wedding with the green garments

This morning's 'news' has once again made me distrust anything I hear. The main subject was that the British Government (our Government) are going to make petrol and diesel engine vehicles illegal by 2040. At first sight I applaud the idea, BUT let's look a bit deeper. Two of the largest and most profitable companies in the world are BP and Shell which are predominantly British, and contribute millions of pounds a year towards our pensions in taxes. So, firstly, what or who is going to make up the shortfall? AND, if oil based polution shortens our life, isn't that what the Government wants? Aren't they saying that we live too long and are costing the NHS billions...not to mention the billions in extra pensions. So, who or what, is behind this decision? I have argued for the past 30 years that we ought to go full belt into solar power and reduce or eliminate our dependancy on arab oil and what it brings with it, but why all of a sudden now? And, isn't it a coincidence that it comes at the same time that BMW announces that it is planning to make a totally electric Mini at Cowley in Oxfordshire, albeit with all the parts made in Germany...the country that is fighting the most to keep us in the EU. I don't trust the wankers as far as I can throw them,,,sorry, that was a typing error, I meant 'bankers'...or are the two words synonimous? One further point; the news is put out as though Britain is leading the way or alone in this objective, whereas in truth, we are, as usual, playing catch up to Denmark, Germany and several other northern European countries who have well thought out comprehensive, joined up stratergies to break away from their dependency on arab oil blackmail. wedding with the green garments