wedding wears designed for apple shape ladies

The most attractive thing about a human bring should be about their body, face, looks OR shape. My friends, if we continue to fine someone attractive by just how they look then we are in big trouble. My friends, we should mainly focus on a attractive spirit that glorify God and a Christlike character. and not on attractive bodies. Nothing more attractive than a spiritual and God fearing individual, someone who inhale and exhale the word of God and applied them to his/her dail wedding wears designed for apple shape ladies ... y activities. I am not talking about someone who can quote the bible from Genesis to revelation and attending church on a regular basis. I am about talking a genuine servant of God, who will not be conformed by this world, Romans 12:2. And also 1 John 15:17. May God have mercy upon us.

Please send me your prayers request, and please pray for me as i do the same for you. God bless.

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