wedding outfits for mature women

Episode #23

Barbie THE SOAP OPERA A Diorama Story Vintage Mod Collector And Friend Dolls!

It May be cold outside, but things are hot in downtown Abarbie Town at The Fashion House Of Barbie signature store! Lady Roberts spring lingerie fashions are ready to hit the runway! This year is extra awesome! Lady Barbie Roberts became engaged to Joe Weston just before Christmas. They are planning a spring wedding! Lots of shopping to do, and where else would Lady Roberts shop than in her own store from her own fashions for her Wedding and honeymoon!

Poppy is so excited to present to her Mom, the Fashion show she has overseen to put together just for her Moms upcoming wedding! All these new spring release fashions for her wedding and honeymoon. Being in charge she made the decision to contract experience mature models, and even took that 1 step further! , She did reach out to all the most popular twin sister top models!....She has called this this lingerie show Twinsday!

Today Lady Roberts is wearing a beautiful long dress, drenched in roses she created many many years ago, as her signature dress because Joe always brought her red or pink roses.The magenta metallic shrug is just the right touch! A mature woman, but so fair and beautiful, she actually borrowed the shrug from her 18 yr old super model granddaughter Abigail at her urging!

All of her women are here for the exciting lingerie fashion show, her eldest Daughter Michelle on her right, her youngest, her daughter Poppy on her left. Her daughter in law Betty wearing her fav FHOB fun matching skirt and top, she even bought a new pair of Wedgie Shoes! She bought them at all the ladies favorite shoe store just down the street at Hell on Heels! Sitting beside Betty, is Jacqueline Booth, best friend of Lady Barbie since they were 2 & 3 years old! And eldest granddaughter Abigail is here, she would not miss this for anything! Of course Nyota U’hura, she has been best of friends with Barbie and Jacqueline since high school is estatic to be home from her 5 year mission for the Federation aboard the USS Enterprise, back home with her husband. Sitting beside Nyota is another high school bestie, this is Miss Candy Rutledge, heiress of the See’s family of confectionary sweets and world famous chocolates. wedding outfits for mature women

Barbie is over the moon to have gathered not just family, but her dearest friends for this long awaited day. She was married to Ken Roberts Sr for quite a few years, they had Michelle, Ken Jr and Poppy. When the children were young, Ken Sr passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack. As a young widow with 3 children it was her passion of fashion she built Fashion House of Barbie literally here, brick by brick. Now with FHOB all over the world, this signature store is where she chooses to work from. Her heart and soul are here and not a day goes by she is not grateful for all of her life’s blessings.

As the kids got a bit older, they encouraged Mom to start dating. She met Joe Weston, who was in the military. It was love at first sight! Four years of dating, Joe was called to duty in Vietnam. He spent over 4 decades in service there, his homecoming before Christmas, the loving couple finally reunited, he proposed and Lady Roberts said YES! We are officially on our way to a spring wedding! This is going to be a lot of fun! Enjoy the fashion show!

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