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Barbara Yoder 11 hrs

I just read this article in Charisma news online about this pastor who walked away from the ministry after 40 years. Some people think how could this happen. He walked away from the ministry, his marriage, social network of friends, means of income, and God. In other words he just dropped everything and left. He said he had struggled all the years of his ministry with really believing. He didn’t see the results he had trusted God for and that others had said would happen. And most of all what the Bible said.

He ended up in an affair with a married woman and when he left the church he was living with her. I suppose some would say that this was the reason for his leaving. And on the surface, I’m fairly sure it was. But I believe it was something deeper. He never found reality in his life with God. I believe he was captured not just by doubt but because of unbelief. There were too many assaults trying to wear him out and he finally caved in. He hadn’t learned how to rely on God and was in himself unknowingly trying to be the answer. wedding dresses for women over 40

Being a real CHRISTIAN isn’t easy. The Christian life can be seemingly impossible. It’s one thing to say “not I but Christ” and entirely different to say it by revelation. I wonder who really cared for this man, did he have strong Intercessory strength surrounding him? Or who was just pulling on him to meet their needs and he didn’t know how to deal with it though he felt he should. All the criticism a pastor receives, accusations, betrayals etc.

But he was a man of God and should have known what to do we think. Yet in reality he didn’t. Did he have access to good counsel or counselors? Who really cared about him deeply and realized he was the main target of the enemy. If the enemy could get him, it would shake the faith of his entire congregation and others would leave the faith.

I wonder how many there are out there who are having the same struggle. Is this why lately we’ve read about several pastors committing suicide, quitting etc.? Have we built a system that ultimately traps people in an untenable web of impossible expectations yet espouses life and would quickly condemn this man for his sin. I need a real God, real friends, a real faith that walks truthfully in the struggles of a real life. Not denying the realities through a religious facade and empty platitudes.

Some say it’s easier to be a Christian outside of the church! And in at least some places this may just be the truth!