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Anika throws water on Shivaye’s face. Shivaye asks her to marry Vikram, he can’t bear this madness anymore. Anika says you always wanted this, it will happen, come Vikram, there shouldn’t be delay in marriage. Vikram shows the mandap to Anika. She gets shocked. Some time before, Maid asks Anika to change clothes, its Pinky’s instructions. Gauri comes and asks maid to go, she will make Anika ready. Gauri calls out Anika. Anika says I have lost, my love and trust, everything failed, Shivaye will not stop me now.

Shivaye thinks of Anika’s words and sees the ring. He thinks you have won, I can’t fight with you anymore, finally I m backing out as I can’t let you go. He keeps the ring on the table. Gauri says its not easy for him as well. Anika says its easy for him to let me go, he can

see me marrying someone else. Shivaye switches on the lights and looks on. Anika says what shall I do, I don’t understand. She sees the lights on and runs to the window. Shivaye goes. Anika says these lights…. it wasn’t on, Shivaye….. She smiles and runs to check the ring. She looks for the ring and doesn’t get it. She sits sad and cries. She says it means Shivaye didn’t leave his adamancy. Vikram looks on and holds the ring. He smiles and says sorry Anika, really sad, Anika you will just marry me. He doesn’t throw the ring and goes. Shivaye comes back and says ring is not here, it means… Anika got it, where is she, she should have come and met me, I will go and meet her.
Anika dressed in her bridal wear, walks downstairs. Neeta Lulla comes and hugs her. She compliments Anika and says Shivaye chose the best outfit for you, I wish you all the best for your new start. Anika thanks her. Neeta goes. Anika says don’t know about new start, but its time to close old chapter. Shivaye comes there. Anika calls him out and throws water on his face. She walks to him. He asks what’s this madness. She says I was mad to think you can see something in front of your Tadi, but you will be Bagad Billa always. He says wait a sec, why did you wear bridal dress. She says you are saying as if you don’t know. He says you have worn it, you will tell me, I did what you said. She says you won’t accept your mistake even today. He says its happening as per your wish, you want me to fall on knees and apologize, that’s not gonna happen, fine go and marry Vikram, I can’t handle this madness anymore, its enough. Anika says this will happen. She turns and sees everyone. She asks Vikram to come, there shouldn’t be any delay in marriage. She holds his hand and they leave. Pinky smiles. Shivaye says not a word Om and goes.

Pinky says Anika and Vikram are getting married, we should also go there, why is everyone staring at me. Dadi says you just be quiet now.

Pandit asks groom and bride to exchange varmala. A girl dressed as a man looks on. Bhavya and Rudra exchange varmala. Rudra asks he to focus, they are getting married. Bhavya says correction, its fake marriage. They sit in mandap. Bhavya sees the person signing by fingers and recalls Sultan. Pandit asks them to stand for rounds. Bhavya asks Rudra what is he seeing up, that person is real Sultan. Rudra asks how do you know. Bhavya says I have seen him doing same signs, its time for action. She points gun at that person.

Vikram and Anika are on the way. He makes a call and says we are on the way now, I hope all arrangements are done. Ragini says of course, all done exactly the way you wanted. He says great, I will see you then. Ragini smiles. Shivaye worries. Om and Gauri come. Shivaye defends himself and says Anika did engagement twice, she is going to marry, did you see how she held that 6.5 feet footballer, whatever, I left my ring and gave sign and she waved me bye. Om says I didn’t say anything. Shivaye says I m okay. Gauri asks Om not to say anything, you want to explain Shivaye, but let him decide, its good Anika is marrying that tall man. Shivaye asks do you mean my height is less. Gauri says no, I mean Vikram is a nice guy, he will keep Anika very happy, you also want this right. Sahil comes and says Gauri said right. They all make Shivaye jealous.

Sahil jokes that Anika can wear heels now. Om says we got busy in talk, they would have reached wedding venue. Shivaye looks at them. Sahil smiles and signs. Pinky is on the way with Dadi and Shakti. She says I m happy Anika will be out of Shivaye’s life forever. Dadi sees the car and says why is Vikram going right. Shakti says venue is on left. Pinky says maybe its shortcut. Sultan asks Bhavya to throw the gun, else it won’t be good. He shows the three brides and says your try was good to make them run away. Goons takes the girls. They throw a gas bomb there. Sultan and that person run away. Bhavya follows and shoots at their car. Rudra gets an auto and signs her to come. Bhavya gets in and they leave.

Vikram asks Anika not to worry, they are at the place where they should be. She says I told all that marriage things in anger, I think we should end this drama right. He says time to talk is over, its show time. Lights get on. She gets shocked seeing mandap. She looks at Vikram. Shivaye gets anger out. Om says I was thinking will Anika go with Vikram directly, bidaai should happen from here. Gauri says yes, this is Anika’s Maayka, her pagphere should also happen here. Om asks when does pagphere happen. Gauri says after suhaagraat. Om says yes, first night. Gauri says will Vikram’s family do preparations of suhaagraat or shall we go. Om says she is our Bhabhi, I think we should go. Shivaye gets angry and says just shut up. Anika asks what’s this, marriage mandap. Vikram says its for wedding, its our marriage today. She says you know its all a lie, I know you like joking, I don’t like such 2rs jokes, come we have to tell everyone. She gets shocked seeing the guards and Ragini coming. Ragini asks what’s the hurry to leave, get married first. Anika sees Vikram and says you two are together, it was your game plan. Ragini says so what, anything is fair in love and war. wedding dresses for older brides second weddings

Ragini says I can do anything for Shivaye, you should be happy I got a multi billionaire for you, not any poor guy. Anika asks are you mad, Shivaye doesn’t love you. Ragini says I will manage, the day you get out of his life, I will make my place. Anika says if you see my Shivaye, I will scratch your fake eyes. Ragini says its called day dreaming, Vikram ask him to talk well, else I can get angry. Anika says don’t dare to come close. Vikram says I have to come close, we are getting married. Anika says I will call Shivaye and tell your truth. Ragini pushes her. Anika falls down and says Shivaye…. Shivaye stops and senses something. Vikram crushes her phone and says oh no, it got broken, how will you call him now. Shivaye says Anika is in some problem, Anika needs me. He answers call and says yes Anika. Pinky says its me, your mum, we reached venue, but manager said Vikram cancelled this venue, they are not here, do you know which venue he booked. Shivaye ends call and says Vikram changed venue, something is definitely wrong. He calls Vikram.

He says he is not answering. Om says Anika’s number is not connecting. Gauri says I told Bhavya, she is tracing Anika’s location. Shivaye stops and sees Sahil. He says I won’t let anything happen to your sister. He does pinky promise and hugs Sahil. He says I m coming Anika. Bhavya asks the person to shoot, else she will shoot. The person also gets the gun and points at Bhavya. Bhavya scolds the real Sultan for snatching her entire family. She asks the person to put the gun down.

Tej goes to a bungalow and asks for help. He sees someone and says sorry to come without permission, I need help, my car tyre for punctured. Shwetlana comes downstairs. He gets shocked. She says strange, you are shocked as if you saw any ghost, you were dead right, I was waiting for you, you played a good game and forgot the other side player is Shwetlana, I will not let you forget our old relation. He says I have forgotten it, I m out of your life forever. The person shoots at Bhavya. Rudra pushes Bhavya down. They get saved. The person removes the fake moustache and beard. She loosens her hair and says you will catch Sultan when you know who is Sultan, everone thinks Sultan is a man, but real Sultan is me. She laughs. She gets dressed in feminine clothes and thinks we will meet soon Bhavya, you can’t identify me. She does makeup. Bhavya says I have to find him. Rudra says I think he has run away.

Shwetlana says I know why you are in hurry, police would have got that dead body, police will get that proof. Tej asks are you behind this matter. She says I was always involved in your life. He says it means you did this murder, I will get you arrested. She asks what will you say to police, why did you run if you are innocent, you have no proof, I have proof, you want to see. She shows Naren’s mum giving statement and showing proof. Shwetlana says I think its enough to send you two to jail. Tej gets angry.