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Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth. It is ubiquitous in the environment. It's in water, air, and soil. We breathe it and we drink it every day. It's in food and drinks (processed cheese, canned whipped cream, beer, baking powder, processed baked goods, etc.). It leeches into food from aluminum cookware, and the leeching is increased by fluoride in the water. It's in deodorant....

There is NO positive effect from aluminum in the body. It depletes magnesium and slows ... gastrointestinal motility (causing constipation). It damages the ability of neurons to communicate with each other by hampering electrical conductivity and messing up the axon potential - which manifests as sensory integration dysfunction. Aluminum toxicity targets mitochondria. It causes an aversion to meat and causes searing pain in the head from inflammation.

It is not a good thing to have aluminum in breast milk. It's not a good thing to have lead and barium in breastmilk, either, but they're there. And it's because our environment is FULL of toxins. Just because there is already an onslaught of toxins in our bodies, doesn't mean we should say, "Oh, well. It's already there. Let's inject some more." We wouldn't do that with lead. Doctors understand what lead poisoning does to children. Somehow, aluminum and mercury get a free pass? They're only dangerous as long as they aren't in the needle being injected by the doctor or nurse? simple styled garments for bridesmaids

The pharmaceutical industry and all who benefit from the sale of vaccines want you to believe the aluminum (and mercury) in vaccines is not a problem and their reasoning is "there's already so much of it anyway, this 'little bit' won't hurt."

That's like saying the gasoline thrown on the smoldering fire had nothing to do with the explosion that occurred immediately following the tossing of the gas can.

The only person who benefits from injecting aluminum into your child is the doctor who is getting paid for doing the injecting. Everyone else in the room is harmed by the process. And that includes the nurses who are being used as pawns in the whole system.

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