short evening dresses

...Daily Devotional by Malik Osemudiame Musa
-INDECENT DRESSING simply means the state of an individual's physical appearance in term of clothing where it's complete worldliness lawless! Psa 7:10
-INDECENT DRESSING in the KINGDOM as a true Kingdom citizen is your consciousness of representing the King with a modest apparel! 1 Tim 2:9
-INDECENT DRESSING is the intent exposure of the body by a believer in such a way that's so unpleasant and disgusting for sight by others! Isa 60:2
-INDECENT DRESSING is the literal expression of attributes in terms of clothing by a Christian that's lustful which can easily fall men into sin! 2 pet 1:4
-INDECENT DRESSING in summation is the deep exposure of the breast chest thighs and navel by an individual in a bid to dress sexy which deeply causes lustfulness in men to not concentrate! Jam 1:14 short evening dresses
*you claim you have morals but your looks are ungodly
*your pant can clearly be seen as a mere glance
*because you're broad you decided to open your chest
*the dress is so tight that you can't even have space or ease
*to be trendy you choose to wear a whorish dress
*you're preaching Jesus but you're not showing Jesus
*looking like a club girl but you're going to church
*showcasing your dirty boxers for ladies to see right?
*why struggle to draw the skirt down when it's very short
*as a chorister you're a live pornography in church service
*your attire makes a new convert discouraged
*the gown is so tight that the shape of your butt is showing
*sir why are we seeing your singlet that's inner wear
*the color of your bra can be seen even your nipple
*the clothing is so transparent that your privacy becomes public and you feel is the trendy fashion
*the most painful part is that you boldly wear the torn fashion Jean or revealing skirt to church
-remember! The way you Dress is a product of your ideology mentality and mindset shaped from too much movies,fashion shows,celebrities you watch! Pro 23:7
-WARNING: the meaning of being Sexy is that you're Good in bed for sex! Can you call a good responsible married woman that's she's sexy?? 1 John 2:15-17
-NOTE: beyond being a Christian if you know your purpose on earth, you would dress like the future you see and not the celebrities you watch! Hab 2:3
-my dear! Your dressing matters to the core and you can't be forced to buy and wear what you don't want except you willing choose to do so! Phil 1:22.take heed.CHRIST IS COMING. # selah
Prayer: Dear God remove any spirit of indecency in me in the area of dressing and open my eyes the reality of your personality.
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