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It was just a dream
I sat there in a corner, flat on the
ground. My face was full of tears, I
was experiencing so many different
emotions. As I was still sitting ...
there was sudden knock. It wasn't
a loud knock, infact it sounded like
the fingers that were knocking
were very fragile and sensetive.
I stood up wiped those tears with a
very charming smile. I opened the
door. I saw a very beautiful
creature. I was so amazed by her
beauty that I couldn't say anything.
She said "hi" , I was still speechless, sexy long sleeve prom dresses
after a while of silence, she was the
one who broke it. She said "may I
come in". I was like "where are my
manners, come in". I still couldn't
say anything , so she introduced
herself, she said "I am
pretty"."yeah you are really pretty"
I replied.
Then I finally managed to say
something, so I said "my name is
Romeo". She replied "what a
beautiful name", I replied "not as
beautiful as yours". She blushed ,
looking so shy and that made her
even more beautiful , but that was
a problem , because it took words
out of my mouth . The silence crept
in again .
She was the one to break the
silence again , she said "I was
looking for a maths and science
tutor , so people told me that you
are the perfect guy for that job ".
"It would be an honour to help
such a young pretty lady like you".
We continued to talk for about 2
hours, and that was until she asked
me a question that touched my
heart and triggered my feelings.
"How do you balance your love life
and your school work ? I mean, I
used to see you with your girlfriend
Lisa , during break time and after
school , and yet you are the best
learner at school".
I kept quite for a while , looking at
her whilst she was talking , I lost
focus of her words and listened to
her quite pretty . Her beauty spoke
to me in a sense thau the only way
to reply her was to say " I love you
beautiful lady".
I did say that , the very moment
she kept quite. I told her how much
I love heq , but she asked me a
question "what about Lisa ?" she
asked . "I broke up with her , cause
she found out that I have feelings
for you". She shot another one
"why now after this long time ?" .
"I didn't know what to say nor how
to say it , or where to start nor how
to start it , and I wonder where I
got this courage from , but since
am still this courageous , I will tell
you that I love you one more
time" . To my amazement , she said
" I love you too , and it's a long
time since I've fallen for you , and
that's one of the reasons I asked
you to be my tutor, and I'd like to
be your girlfriend more than
A very charming , broad smile
appeared on my face I grabbed her
and kissed her so hard took her to
my room had sex and afterwards
we fell asleep . When I woke up I
reached up for her body next to me
, but she wasn't there and that's
when I realised that all this was
just a dream.

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