purple lavender outfits for flower girl

Title: no one!
Genre: fanfiction, oneshot
Author: LinhInOurArea


In the end, he was still a bad man who relied on eternal love every day. But he understands, that romantic and immortal love will only appear in the love novels I praise every day. He has read several pages in his free time. At least he is smart enough to understand its content.

When the last mess of manuscripts was finally cleaned up. He began to feel intense pain in the abdomen. Perhaps his stomach ache reccurred. The space gradually calmed down, the small room only let out the sound of regular breathing and the sound of a clock. The smell from the pails of clothes piled up in the bathroom made him uncomfortable. The dirty dishes are still there, never been touched. The room was quiet and deserted. The illusory or infatuated lavender smell is spreading all over the room, sharing each of them equally. But maybe because of his illusion, my purple flower pot, died from when.

I left for more than two months. A long time for him to understand how he needed me. I have taken a few dozen pills to sleep on my stomach. I myself think that is the last choice for me to forget about you. But that is a medicine, what kind of medicine is good, honey. It's like trying to erode your mind. Thoughts can take away the memories between you and me, but if it's that easy, you won't have to torment yourself. Those old memories, he had hidden carefully at the table of the mind, to remember, he quietly opened the drawer and reviewed the faded footage of the memory that was gradually forgotten.

I remember that I used to be like a fool watching you in a red plum dress. My back was so small and thin. He remembers his silky blond hair, remembers the way he pulled his hair from the bag and lifted it neatly. The soft young meat behind the nape is hidden in front of the eyes with red marks. He called it love.

My love never makes you happy. The only romantic thing you know, maybe sex. I crave to see you every night. Tucked my lips on an ivory neck, creating red and red bites. To hear the sound of your mouth, her dying under her body is always burning. He missed his caresses and warm breath, which made his mind flutter and dazed. But in the end, it is only the long blur of memories.

He also kept the picture that Lisa painted in a few improvised minutes. Even though it looks so scrawny under the rough and soft brush. But Lisa call it art and Jungkook call it his last remnant. He intended to pick it up and crumble. But so, isn't it too cruel to yourself?

Lisa, i just an office worker, so ordinary that my might not be able to take care of your future life. But he still wants to raise hope. Do you remember During the wedding, he swore to make an appointment with me with beautiful words that he himself spent the evening learning by heart. The thoughtful love that was proclaimed by the man finally melted like a soap bubble. My wedding and you are like a fairytale fairy tale, you are a beautiful princess in a pure white dress, and you are a prince with a gentleman's outfit like the King. But it is a fairy tale, but having a fairy tale always has an end: a happy small family with a happy laugh of children. And in it, there is the appearance of thunderstorms. purple lavender outfits for flower girl

You always the best girl. The girl accepted to sit behind his bike. Eat tofu with him, drink rain water. I can be with you on the most difficult days of my life. But I know it doesn't mean She deserve it. We used to be very happy, maybe You don't remember. The day I disregarded everything to marry a new graduate student like you. She was so strong that she abandoned criticism from family and friends.

"Don't you regret it?"

It was a question he asked to ask me again and again during that difficult time. He asked do you regret it? I shook my head. I'm not sure with my answer. But I am sure that I have loved you enough, to the point that I cannot count with empty numbers.

His gaze flickered through the small paper neatly on the table. Is a divorce application. I wrote on a weekend afternoon. My signature is very beautiful and clear. But He really want it to disappear, Jungkook intend to disagree, until He see my face. He no longer saw a bright smile. My eyes became strange. Ever since that fateful marriage, I was much thinner, my face was scary. I don't care for you well enough. So, he ceded me to another man, richer, more successful and important to love you more than i, more than the way i have ever devoted my heart heaving for you.

Damn it! The oaths at the wedding, he suddenly found far away. I swore that I will always take care of you every day, I think that I am fully qualified to hold my hand tightly for the rest of my life.

But he was wrong, I also left. I really need you right now. I miss you so much, like a tree without water, you are gradually drying up because of the cold ice of your heart.

May God hear your prayer. He did not want to waste such useless time anymore. I want our love to be as beautiful as its name is. I want, definitely the red book must stand for both names. And above all, I want you to come back.

In the end it was all illusory fantasies. The divorce application is that he wrote himself, the wedding and the paintings, and he drew it himself. There is no vow to make a date. Lisa died before he could feel how it was called a ceremony.