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Diary of the cheating girl 2 January 22 at 7:15am ยท


I had the best and peaceful night ever,then I woke up in the safest arms I've ever touched.

when I opened my eyes,he was starring at me,I didn't care whether I didn't brush my teeth or washed my face I just smiled at him.

PAUL:you slept well?
PAUL:you are the most beautiful thing I ever seen when your are a sleep...I couldn't help but stare.
ME:I look horrible don't I?
PAUL:not a chance,I even took a few snaps,I wanna remember this moment
ME:ohh my God can I see them?
PAUL:no not now,I know you'll probably ask me to delete them.
ME:this is not fair..
PAUL: I asked my driver to get us something to eat...I hope you hungry
ME:yeah I am...let me take a bath
PAUL:I'll shower then

we shared the bathroom,paul took the shower and I was bathing...paul makes me feel alive,I love him for a friend he's always been and for caring,I'm going through a rough path and paul is here here for me,I do believe he'll always be here,Mandy can never give me what he gives me...but I do appreciate both of them.

paul went out while I was combing my hair,I just tied it into a burn.

PAUL:you look good
PAUL:I got you a tooth brush
ME:thanks I was actually planning on using my hand
PAUL:ha ha ha,here

we brushed then went downstairs for breakfast.

ME:so what are we having?
PAUL:just a normal breakfast.
ME:hmmm serve me then

when he began to open the food, I smelled eggs,I quickly went to the bathroom to vomit,I didn't know this pregnancy makes me hate eggs I mean they used to be my favorite,can't wait for next year to give birth then go back to my normal life.

PAUL:are you okay?
PAUL:sh*t I should have known
ME:no don't worry its not your fault,I didn't know either
PAUL:I'm sorry,you know what let's grab lunch on the way
ME:okay,let me go get dressed
PAUL:I took out a short and a t-shirts for you

I went back upstairs,I took off his gown and wore his clothes,can't lie they look good on a pregnant woman.

I went back downstairs

ME:I'm done
PAUL:wow...they look good on you
ME:ha ha ha
PAUL:I'm telling you,I'll get your clothes washed don't worry and I'll bring them by later
ME:okay cool let's go.

we went to the nearest restaurant, I ordered my self a cup of coffee with muffins.
we were still eating when a guy in a black suit approached us.

HIM:hey paul long time man
PAUL:hey Steven...I heard you were outside the country
HIM: I was at new York looking for business as usual
PAUL:and how did it go?
HIM:good good,but I need income man,I sent you an email a few days ago you didn't reply i even set up a meeting with your PA but she never got back to me
PAUL:I've been too busy,I didn't have time to go through all my emails,I'm sorry but I'll go through them later today
HIM:I see you've been busy,new baby on the way?congrats
PAUL:ha ha ha uhmm...this is mbalenhle
HIM:hey nice to finally meet my friends wife to I right?
ME:uhmmm...nice to meet you too
HIM:so do I hear wedding bells?you not getting younger my friend
PAUL:we'll talk about that some other time my's my card do call me
HIM:I will,enjoy....we should get together some time,you me and our wife's to be what do you say?
PAUL:call me we'll talk

it was so awkward right after he left,I didn't know what to say to him,I'm bringing too much drama into his life.

ME:I'm sorry
PAUL:for what?
ME:the drama I'm bringing in your life...people think I'm your girl
PAUL:you are my girl,and I don't mind my life has been boring before I met you
ME:hmm hope so
PAUL:you done?
ME:yeah,take me home

he paid for our meals then we left,I was now worried about what my dad will do or say to me,they must be worried sick about me.

when paul parked outside my house I was scared to go out now I was not ready to face them.

PAUL:you'll be fine
ME:I'm scared
PAUL:you'll have to face them
ME:yeah I've got no choice I suppose
PAUL:good luck I'll call you
PAUL:I love you
(I smiled)

just when I was about to respond my dad was on my window.

ME:ohh my god
DAD:open this door
PAUL:just do it

I opened the door and stepped out,my dad took a deep look at my face with disgust then he turned to paul.

PAUL: MR Nkosi
DAD:Paul Mc'anzy...where did you find my daughter,what are you doing with my daughter?
PAUl:Mr Nkosi not to disrespect you but I love your daughter,she's been at my house since yesterday,she was upset I couldn't push her out when she needed me the most
DAD:I appreciate that...what are your intentions with her
DAD:shut up!
PAUL:I wish that child she was carrying was mine,not that it worries me though I met her at a wrong time,she was already carrying.
if it were up to me I would take them both
PAUL:I mean it Mr Nkosi I love your daughter with all that I have

dad closed the door and pulled me inside the house.

DAD:I am so disappointed in you mbalenhle what is this that you are doing?
you are busy gallivanting around while I'm a stuck in a situation trying to help you keep your child
ME:I'm sorry dad
DAD:what do you want for yourself?
ME:I wanna be happy
DAD:nonsense! think about that life you are carrying, you should have used protection and right now we wouldn't be discussing this,I know how it feels to want to see you kids so bad but you remember what you did to their mother...I hurt your mom so bad and she punished me by taking 2 things that matter in my life...right now my son hates me he doesn't even wanna hear anything from me or about me...give muzi a chance to explain himself pregnancy wedding dresses
ME: baba muzi will be a part of this baby but I won't let him take my child away from me.
DAD:Good,what are your intentions with Paul
ME:I don't know honestly
DAD: I think he is right for you, I don't care about his wealth and businesses but I do think he is right for you, he is matured and wise
ME:I dont known dad I'm keeping my options open...I need to go lie down, Mandy will be here in an hour I can go to work... I was worried sick... I'll see you later
ME:I love you dad
DAD:I love you more

I smiled then I went to my room, my Mom is a goddess but she never gave me what my dad gives dad truly cares and wants to be involved in my life...but mom on the other hand...actually thinks I'll make the same mistakes she did in the past.

I laid in my bed,then I got a text form Paul
"I love you"

I didn't know whether to reply or keep quiet,I don't wanna raise his hopes up.

later Mandy came in with a gift box

MANDY:someone has a secret admire
ME:I wish,I think that came for ntando she's been going out with some guy a lot lately
MANDY:but it has a name on it...and its your name sweets
ME:ha ha ha
MANDY:open it
ME:you open it
MANDY:with pleasure....ohhh my God mbalenhle Nkosi you're blessed...its a gift voucher and an invite to the Mc'anzy's Gala tomorrow night.
MANDY:ohh My God I cannot believe this...doll you will be a VIP..can I be a plus one?
ME:I can't go
MANDY:are you insane?chances like this come once in life
ME:I don't know doll
MANDY:please mbali I'll come with you...this voucher is worth more we'll do shopping together
ME:I won't find anything to wear
MANDY:we'll figure something out please...

my phone rang...

PAUL:hey,are you okay?
ME:I'm good
PAUL:I hope your dad didn't shout you
ME:he did but I deserved it,it was actually more like a conversation
PAUL:good,did you get the gift I sent you?
ME: yeah I did
PAUL:I'll send you the details I've asked someone to get you a nice cocktail dress that will hide your tummy
ME: you did?thanks I was beginning to have second thoughts
PAUL: don't... and bring a plus one,I know you'll need one
PAUL:okay,we'll talk later

Mandy was already screaming and running all around the kitchen

ME:slow down
MANDY:I can't.. so it means this voucher is all for me
ME:haaa never
MANDY:can't wait...we'll celebrate our final paper...pre matric here we come
ME:here here!!!

Mandy and I studied for tomorrow then we went straight to bed

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