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This is a subject that no one really talks about to the person that's infected. So, I'll put it out there. No, it does not pertain to me. But, I am here to help. I've had the displeasure of a woman walking past me and having a not so pleasant odor. I have one of the most sensitive noses around. So, I am immediately alerted. Now, no one ever pulls her aside and asks her is she aware of her situation. Because it would be simply too embarrassing. Unless, you're just heartless an ... d don't give a crap. Then, have at it. But, the odor I'm referring to is the vaginal odor that emits a fish scent. As I said. No one wants to talk directly to the person about it. I mean you don't just walk up to a woman. Then say "Your P---y stank". You could, but it would be very traumatic for her. See, most of us really don't know our own bodies. Hell, 90% of us use the toilet all wrong. So, I know we aren't talking about vaginal odor and its causes. Well, by all means. Remain anonymous. But, there are factors that play a role in this offensive odor. No need to like this post or comment. Just be educated and try to help when possible. Remember women are using toxic sanitary items. You can discretely give her a safer and healthier option. If you need me, reach me. That's what I'm here for. non-formal garments for wedding in short length

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Why Do Vaginas Smell Like Fish? Why do vaginas smell like fish? That could possibly be caused by bacterial vaginosis. See a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis of it and treat the condition