mormon items to wear of the prom situation

A week ago I met my brother Dylan on a train on the way to Devon for a family holiday. I'd just got off a different train where the ticket instructor had asked every single person how they were before checking their ticket. He was completely genuine about it too, you could tell he just really cared how people on his train were doing.

Dyl then told me about a guy in London who works on the tubes and is always telling people to have a beautiful day and that they're lovely people. I asked if he was Caribbean as even without hearing the accent you can sense it from the attitude... Reckon it must be this guy Dyl?

We talked about how much better things would be if more people spent a little time and thought making others feel nice or have chuckle as they went about their day.

A few minutes after that conversation, the guy with the drinks and snacks cart came through asking if we wanted "vodka, gin, whisky?" When we said no thanks he replied with "Really, you sure?!" in a voice that implied we were crazy for not wanting a bevvie. A few rows down we then overheard him asking people if they wanted "rose, prosecco, champagne?....... fish n chips?" mormon items to wear of the prom situation ????

Haha, you gotta love people like this - the world so needs them ????

"All we have to do is just see the best in each other, and try and get the best out of each other."