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Does anyone know anything about blood tests for immunoglobulin levels? My immunoglobulin g was lower than lower limit and this is a whole world of medicine that is new to me.

I have a combination of neuropathy, syncope, pain, dizziness (after eating especially), severe pain from eating and have been on liquid diet a couple months. Several incidents of optical issues where my eye vibrates and I get tunnel vision or lose vision. Sometimes accompanied by tingling in face. My ... condition started with spasms in upper left abdomen and pins and needles and progressed quickly. I was recently hospitalized for an acute event with severe colicky pain in upper abdomen across like a band that we as severe as labor/childbirth. My lfts were extremely elevated but normal X-ray, ultrasound, and MCRP as well as screening for any related autoimmune liver disease, hepatitis viruses, etc. I had an EGD that showed candida esophogitis, duodenitis with structural changes and hyperplasia. These don't explain my severe pain or liver injury. Pancreas enzymes technically normal but dropped 60 points in a day at hospital. They theorized I passed a stone in bile duct but no evidence of stone or dialation. Gallbladder out in 7/15. Possibility of sphincter of oddi dysfunction. maxi items to wear in the evening party

No one knows what is wrong with me. The immunoglobulin g level caught my eye and I tried researching but it's an incredibly complex area of rare diseases and cancers, etc. any help would be appreciated just so I can try to advocate for myself better. I am seeing GI now and neurology soon. Need to know if I should try some other speciality.

I also have history of high chronic ebv, cmv, and high mmp9, insulin, leptin, etc. lots of pieces. I have a lot of defects in methylation cycle and other snps as well.

No picture.

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