long black evening dresses

A 3 stop adventure. The last stop was supposed to be only for a bottle of liquid catnip. I thought i'd let him hold it on the way home. But he was getting a little vocal ( I think he reacts to the sound of the wind and other sounds coming in when the back window is down. Also if I sing to him. He complains almost every time I sing with the radio. Oddly if he's bitching and the car is quiet and I turn on the tunes,he quiets down. First time i've ever really felt like a 'mom'. ) But I got the bottle of a catnip, a toy and treats for when I (attempt to) harness/leash train him. Rewards are needed for pet cooperation when you want them to respond a specific way. Almost got him a little pet shirt but they only had attire for dogs and I wasn't sure if it would give him some sort of complex if I started cross-dressing him in doggie duds so I decided against the shirt. Maybe later if I find kitty clothes or cat halloween costumes. I could dress him up in a LION or halloween black cat costume. Maybe a pointy witches hat and a black taffeta long gown. long black evening dresses
Or maybe not. I doubt they make lion and black cat halloween costumes for kitties. But maybe they do. I never checked before. No problems that I have to clean up for a few days. And he walks around meowing sometimes and it's because he wants me to see he's making pee-pee in the litterbox. Swear to God. Haven't left him out of his room when i'm asleep or not home yet. He's even doused the curtains in his own room a few times and I bet it's because he saw a cat from his window. I changed the furniture so he can't look out the front window anymore.
Still a boy.