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Sunshine and I went back to the vet yesterday for another follow up. She had some blood work done to check the status of the infection. The results show that although the infection is still present, it is getting better. We will continue her antibiotics for another two weeks. Sunshine will also have daily fluids for the next 4 weeks to help completely clear things out. What remains is to try and get her to eat her Kidney Formula once again, however, it has not proved itself e ... asy. I have tried every brand and she just won't eat it. Her doctor did say that he is more concerned with having her actually eat at this point, so to keep allowing her what she wants. I bought another bag of Kidney Formula yesterday, one that she has not had in over a year, I will give it a try. Sometimes going back to the old brand after some time works. We will see what the verdict is. I know that she will eventually get tired of the supermarket brand as well and I will have to find something else regardless. Thankfully there is one food that is always fool proof for her. She loves the "Chef's Dinner" Friskies wet food. I know it's not the best choice given her condition, but we'd rather she eats than not eat. I guess if I was in my 90's I might be picky too!

We will be going back for more tests at the end of August to see where we stand at that point. All in all things are better and I am so glad. She is in much better spirits and she is still playing and being her cute self. Lat evening she even came and hoped in bed with me and asked for food. That's a great sign. Luckily she does not seem bothered at all by the fluids so continuing should not be a problem. The only thing that worries me in that regard is the fact the she vomits afterwards every time. I spoke to the vet about it and mentioned that if you offer her food right after she vomits, she will eat it. Seeing that she eats again right after, her doctor is not to heavily concerned about that for now. As long as she keeps eating she will be able to keep her strength up to fight off the rest of the infection. items with long sleeve to wear of the homecoming seasons

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