item to wear for homecoming that looks cute

What is Egg Intolerance, you ask? So, I cooked the most gorgeous wild Alaskan salmon cakes and grilled asparagus last night, a la Ina Garten (Food Network), but followed her so closely that I made the cakes with an organic, free-range egg. Not a problem, right? Free-range, organic? Awesome! But... I am egg-intolerant. Ooops. I should have used Val's Kanab Natural Foods' Egg Replacer. I was up, tossing and turning, karate-chopping my abdomen, from the end of our dinner at 9pm ... through till around 3am with excruciating pain and cramps and gas - and all restlessness. I took 3 Tums, 5 Gas-X and my 1 daily Pantoprazole. It was, however, relentless.

So, I had eaten eggs my whole life, and loved them, but when I turned 34, all of a sudden I acquired an intolerance. It has been so painful to eat eggs since. I can no longer consume any egg dish, no matter the quality (homegrown or specialty store bought or supermarket), no matter the species (chicken, duck, turkey), no matter how well cooked, no matter the country, no French Toast, no Croque Monsieur or Madame, no salmon cakes with an egg binder, no chicken or anything coated in egg to adhere to panko flakes, but I can eat cake, cookies, brownies, brioche, anything where eggs have been cooked for a while. Anyone else have this egg intolerance out there? item to wear for homecoming that looks cute

Any solutions?? (Besides the obvious - don't eat eggs...)
Patient: "Doctor, it hurts when I do that."
Doctor: "Well, don't do that!"
;) x g

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