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WEEK 4 # NOSUGAR Challenge starts on Monday, July 24th! SO GET TO THE GROCERY STORE THIS WEEKEND

???? ???? ???? don't over think this challenge. If you aren't sure if something is allowed or if it's considered a sugar...don't eat it ???? It's just for 7 days. ????

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1. Do not add sugar to any drinks or foods. No sugar of any kind, not even honey or agave! (((If you are taking Plexus then Plexus Slim and P96 is allowed since it's sweetened with just a small amount of Stevia)))

2. ESPECIALLY NO artificial sweeteners! (Splenda, Sweet n Low, Equal, Truvia, anything that days sucralose, etc) YUCKY! SO SO BAD FOR YOU!

3. No candies or sweets or chocolate.

4. No fast food (7 days without a Big Mac won’t kill you)

5. No sodas or energy drinks or alcohol (No drink with “sugar” listed on the ingredients label)

6. Sugar listed on the ingredients label and sugar on the nutrition label are completely different. AVOID products with sugar listed on the ingredients list.

7. Drink lots of water (recommend 1/2 ounce for every pound you weigh, daily)

???? ???? ???? ???? ???? What’s the Purpose of The No Sugar Challenge? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

This Challenge, for some of you, will be a piece of cake! You have been eating without added sugar already and you won’t be fazed by this at all. Good for you! I love it….Then there are the other 90% of Americans out there. And this Challenge is going to tear you apart! The average American will consume more than 150 lbs. of sugar in its various forms over the course of one year…so during this 7 day Challenge, (on average) you’ll be cutting out about 4 pounds of sugar…WOW! 4 pounds!
5lbs every 12 days...5lbs every 12 days…

Step 1 – stop the sugar intake for a few days.

Step 2 – flush out some of the old sugar so that you can see how your body should function. It takes a lot of water to do that – so drink up! It’s important to pay attention to your body so that you don’t miss the lesson of this Challenge. I can’t stress that enough. Body functions will change and it’s not coincidence – so stay very aware of your body for 7 days!

*For the purposes of this Challenge, I’m not concerned with calories or the glycemic index or fruit. I’m concerned with a processed sweetener – thus making a less natural toxin that your body is reacting to.

Be sure to check the ingredients label on the food in your kitchen.

Sugar ingredients

IMPORTANT: It’s OK if “sugar” is listed on the nutrition facts AS LONG as it’s NOT listed in the ingredients list.

Signs you might need to lower sugar intake:
Poor tooth health
Low energy (dragging all day)
Chronic pain
Sugar cravings
Excessive yawning

Things to note during the Challenge:

naps, energy level, snoozing, joint pain, back pain, stomach aches, sex drive, yeast infections

What should I expect?

More energy (no energy yo-yos),
less napping,
far easier to wake up (less drowsiness),
Decreased chronic pain
Mild headaches,

- Make a list of things you like to eat that don’t have sugar. Vegetables, meats, nuts, seeds, snacks.

- YES you can eat fruits! That sugar is 100% natural and not a problem for this Challenge

- Eliminate temptations. Get the junk out of the house!!

** ???? So sugar has been around forever – Why is it so bad now?**

Sugar is a naturally occurring nutrient (like vitamins and minerals). Sugar is found in thousands and thousands of fruits and vegetables and meats, etc. Sugar, in and of itself, is not the problem. But processed, extracted, concentrated sugar – now THAT’S THE DEVIL! That is what this Challenge is focusing on – I’ll refer to it as Added Sugar. (So fruits are fine to eat!)
Even the best sugars you can buy (evaporate cane sugar – for example) go through a 10-15 step process:
That turns a naturally occurring sugar cane plant into table sugar. It’s shredded, boiled, evaporated, strained, separated, vaporized, drained, pressed, chemicals added, etc. The resulting crystals that we call sugar are no longer recognizable to your body in the normal ratio as it was in the sugar cane plant. It’s literally a chemical at this point…and your body treats it as such. The more you put in your body, the more will end up migrating to your body’s particular weak spot and wreaking havoc (your body may just see the sugar as a threat and wrap fat around it to keep you safe!). Imagine the energy your body has to use – constantly, all day long (hence lowered overall energy) – to clean out and remove this chemical that we keep bumping in at each and every meal or drink. Your body is working HARD! dress with boho patterns or florals for wedding

???? ???? Artificial Sweeteners:
So think about it – Splenda, Sweet n Low, Equal, etc – Those are 100% chemicals. The only thing worse than added sugar are artificial sweeteners. Crazy huh?! All that your body sees from those is chemical, chemical, chemical! Don’t. Use. Them. Ever ;)

If you eat the Standard American Diet, your body has built up a chemical dependency on sugar at this point. That’s not something that you’ll break overnight…but you absolutely can! So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t last the full 7 days. You can stop and restart this Challenge as many time as you need to until you make the full 7 days.
Once you see how your body feels after this 7 days, hopefully you’ll get a glimpse into your possible future.

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