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<< Will you get a vaginal tear during child birth? >>

Unfortunately, the chances are fairly high: First-time moms have a 95% of experiencing some form of tearing during delivery, since the tissue down there is less flexible. But other factors contribute to your likelihood of lacerations, such as being overweight or having a fast birth, since the tissue has less time to adapt and stretch as baby comes down; the position of the baby (those facing up, for example, put extra pres dress suitable for bride that looks little ... sure on the bottom of the vagina) is another factor.

Having a vacuum- or forceps-assisted delivery or an especially long labor that results in severe vaginal swelling increases your chance of tearing as well.

Recovery period

If you experience a first- or second-degree tear, you can expect some discomfort—especially when you're sitting straight up—for a week or so. Having a bowel movement or doing anything that causes an increase of downward pressure, like coughing or sneezing, will hurt, too. By week two, the tear should be pretty well healed and the stitches will have dissolved.

Healing for third- and fourth-degree lacerations takes longer, with two to three weeks of initial pain. Discomfort during sex, or while having a BM, may last for several months.
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