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On May 1, 1954, Ferdinand Marcos and mdme Imelda Marcos were married at the Pro Cathedral of San Miguel in Manila, after being married in a civil ceremony in Baguio City. President Ramon Magsaysay was the principal sponsor of a well celebrated "Wedding of the year."

Did you know
It took them only 11 days to fall in love and ended up with a forever.

all in a span of 11 days!

Ferdinand Marcos with a Dimple on their wedding day. In 1954

exist. This is what former president Ferdinand Marcos believed in.
A bright, notable lawyer admitted that he has found his archetypal woman after seeing Imelda Romualdez, a beauty of her generation.

Marcos admitted.

Butongpakwan’s magic
They started with nothing, like any love stories– two strangers developing as friends and ending up as lovers.
Ferdinand first heard of Imelda after she was involved in the Miss Manila contest. But their love story did not start there. In fact, the newspaper-photo of the young Filipina did not captivate him just yet. Although he said that indeed, Imelda was a true beauty.

The night of April 6, 1954 started it all. Imelda, with all her simplicity, was only wearing a house dress and slippers. She and her cousin-in-law Pacing went to fetch her cousin, Danieling, who was then a Speaker Protempore of the House.
The two of them bought butongpakwan or watermelon seeds to kill some time while waiting.

Marcos, who was then a congressman, was on the floor giving his speech. Pacing believed that Marcos was indeed a good orator but Imelda was not amazed with his oration.

The two strangers met again at the same night in a cafeteria with proper introductions through the help of Jose Guevarra. Imelda, with her usual charms, offered Ferdinand butong pakwan.

Marcos joked that the water melon seeds may have magic in them because they made him feel as he never felt before. Maybe it was the feeling of getting in love. Ferdinand was more than glad that he found her at last, because he is not getting any younger and he needed to marry soon.

With Imelda’s striking beauty, there is no doubt that she was liked by many men. These men include Justo Zabala, a protestant doctor and Ariston Nakpil, whom she described as tall, fair and handsome. But Marcos was just one of them. He believed that he just needs the proper strategy to win the maiden fast.

Courting the Steel Butterfly
Ferdinand Marcos does have a sweet bone hidden. He sent Imelda two roses the day after their first meeting: one fully grown and a bud. Marcos, coming from the northern part of the archipelago said that it was an Ilocano’s message of love. Boxes of chocolates were also sent and books were delivered to Imelda almost everyday. There was also a frequent exchange of telephone calls which annoyed Imelda saying that everything is just happening too fast. diamond wedding dresses

Marcos and Imelda cut their stranger ties after going on a trip to Baguio with Guevarra. The five-hour drive made them at least closer and friendlier with each other.

Ferdinand was already giving her the ultimate offer-marriage. He was offering her love and security.

The marriage
It was on a Good Friday when Marcos asked Imelda to drive with her at the Burnham Park. Little did Imelda know that Marcos already has the possession of the marriage document with him.
“Don’t you want to be the First Lady of the land someday?” Guevarra stated.
It was supposed to be a joke but Marcos was serious.

It was not the most romantic way of proposing but surely, it was one of the most unique and unforgettable way. Marcos just showed the marriage contract to Imelda and she signed it. Marcos, the great pursuer, successfully got the “yes” of Miss Manila.
On the following day, they went to Trinidad Valley to formalize the marriage before Judge Chanco.

Everything may have shocked Imelda because with the blink of an eye, she was married. She was not even aware that she has the surname “Marcos” legally attached to hers.
They have not known each other for a long time and they are practically just strangers. Imelda did not even know what Ferdinand’s favorite food was. There, she even turned pale after Guevarra told her that Marcos was an Igorot. Sudden realizations came to her that she hardly knew the man he just married.
The whole courtship lasted for only 11 days. Not even giving time for Imelda to write to her parents in Tacloban.

Eleven diamonds
Imelda flashed her ring encircled with 11 diamonds to the public, a representation of their 11-day courtship.