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The girls came home last night a little late, not that much though, right around 6:35 PM. I asked them "Is that somebody had to stay late at work?" Jenny said, "No, we went to look for the outfits for Saturday's wedding, just to see if we can find something!" Nicole then said, "We were halfhearted, we really don't need to buy it even if they have what we like." And Charlize added "We can't find anything, to be honest, I don't want to spend additional money on just a wedding, I spend a lot already during the Holidays. Jenny then said, "What we have in mind in our closets are good enough already!" With that, they went into their rooms to change. The way they walked in those leopard pattern dresses, what a beautiful sight that was! Although lions are said to be the most majestic, the other big cats sure have their own allure to them... When they came back out again, the dinner was ready and so they set up the table, and we had the dinner. The entree was baked fish (tilapia), although fish is still a living thing, but when you take them out of the water, they die and so is not such a big deal, and tilapia is a fresh water fresh, quite abundant and easy to raise. In fact, they belong to the cichlid family, same as what I have in the tank, I was thinking someday if I am crazy enough, I can cook those fish and have a great dinner with them too. While at dinner, Nicole said "John will fly in on Tuesday for an interview with one company, and he will stay for more day until Wednesday night at 8:30 PM before he fly back to San Diego." I said, " That's great." Nicole then said "Well, but since San Diego is only one hour away by plane, the company will not pay for the hotel, they will fly him back the same day, so my question is... Can he stay for one night here, Tuesday night?" I said, Sure, I have no problem with that, one more guy in the house, how about you Jenny and Charlize, are you OK with that?" Jenny said "Fine, I know John before, nice guy, no problem!" I then asked "Charlize, how about you?" Charlize then said, "So he will have to sleep in the living room then?" I said, "Yes, no problem, I have air mattresses, quite comfortable" And I added "If Keith and Raymond come here for interview, those companies probably would not want to pay for the hotel as both San Diego and San Francisco are so close, they are welcome to stay here." Both Jenny and Charlize then said thank you. And then Jenny asked Nicole "The first group of new hires will come on Monday, right?" Nicole said, "Yes, there are a total of ten people in this group, four engineers, three architects, two administrative and one personnel. I hope those engineers are what you need." Jenny then said, "I hope so, we will be quite busy starting the week after next, and I did interview some of those engineers, they seem to be good, will have to see!" Charlize then added " I think we need five architects, the other two will be coming in the second group?" Nicole then said, "Yes, the other two will be in the second group, and they will be coming the week after next." Charlize then said, "That's great, and as Jenny said, we will be quite busy starting the week after next as well." With that, we then chatted with other stuffs like entertainment news and also their company's gossip and that was the night. This morning, it was cold early in the morning and so I got up to turn the heat up just a little bit and then I watched the TV morning programs. When the clock stroke 6:30 AM, I heard the girls' phone alarm rang, and I bet they would be up in a minute, so I made some pancakes and sausages as breakfast. When it was ready, the girls came out of their rooms looking really beautiful. I said, "Today's Friday and also is on the 13th, you girls really don't observe the casual Friday code! Charlize then asked with a smile "What's casual Friday code? I never heard of it!" I smiled back and said "Yea, right! You never heard of it." I then asked "You girls don't go to happy hours tonight also, right?" Jenny said "No, it's only the second week, can't afford it!" Nicole then said "We'll be coming home for dinner." and Charlize just had to add in, "Any good recipe to cook tonight?" I looked at that cute little face of Charlize, I said, "Yea, how about curry? " Jenny then said "Excellent, yea I like curry, you do Thai or Indian?" Nicole then said "I like Thai style better, but whichever is fine." I then said, "OK, Thai then. No problem." With that, the girls quickly finished their pancakes and picked up their handbags and hurried out to the garage. You know with those skirts that they wore, I had to follow them out and with them driving away in that Mercedes, their perfumes (each one has a fragrance) fragrance still stays around in the garage for a while... casual second wedding dresses

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