budget-saving homecoming wear that is below 50

I got a really bad case of food poisoning Sunday night that I'm pretty sure is salmonella (don't eat Dole bagged spinach... we know this, and yet we do it *sigh*) and I'm still dealing with, so I went to the doctor to make sure there wasn't anything more serious I needed to be wary of. What I got instead: budget-saving homecoming wear that is below 50

- a pregnancy test, because you can't be biologically female and nauseated and not get a pregnancy test. Big surprise - I'm not pregnant.

- QUITE the lecture on type 1 diabetes, questions about why I'm not on metformin (for type 2 diabetes) or lisinopril (for high blood pressure), musings over how I have type 1 if no one in my family has it, then a long diatribe about how I need to be careful so I don't wind up on dialysis.

Me: Dialysis is for people who have had consistently high blood sugar, therefore affecting their kidney function that has had to constantly flush out glucose.
Dr: Well, yes, but also all diabetics could need it.
Me: Only diabetics with consistently high blood sugar.
Dr: What did you say your a1c is again? 100?
Me: 100 is what my blood sugar is right now. My last a1c was 6.4.
Dr: Oh. Well you know the pancreas is designed to be...
Me: I'll be careful.

Just ONCE, I'd love to go to a doctor for a "real people" sickness and not have everything pegged on my type 1, or on being of reproducing age.

I ended up telling him what prescriptions I needed, what names to look up my meds under, and what my typical dosages are.

Can I just have an at-home phlebotomist and someone to write me prescriptions and call it a day? I do all of the work myself anyway.