bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve

4 YEAR OLD WETTING HER PANTS EVEN THOUGH SHE IS TOILET TRAINED One Mum has emailed in asking for our advice, she wrote: "My daughter just turned 4 (4th Feb) and over the past few weeks she has been refusing to go to the bathroom and just wees in her pants. I am changing her clothes ever few hours. She is fully toilet trained so I don't understand why she is refusing to use the bathroom. bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve
When I ask her why she won't go to the toilet she just giggles and says "Because I don't want to"'s really starting to frustrate me.
I've heard before that children sometimes do this if they've had a major life change, the only change she's had in her life lately is her brother started prep so no longer goes to kindy with her (they are really close).
If anyone has any advice please let me know as I am beyond lost as to what to do!"