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Another toothpaste shout out!!!!!!
???? This is not just about white teeth!
Check out the picture below showing before and after under UV lights! It shows how this toothpaste protects your teeth. Our patented formula forms a chain that wraps around teeth to prevent plaque build up. It also contains monoflourophosphate that remineralizes your teeth! Not only do you get whiter teeth but stronger, healthier teeth! black and white cocktail prom outfits
The product has:
???? No Bleach- it will not hurt your gums or sensitive ... teeth
???? No Peroxide
???? No Sugar
? 8 patents, dentist recommended
? Removes ???? ? stains
? Restores whiteness quickly and naturally
? Prevents plaque from sticking to teeth for 24 hrs
? Great taste, all-day freshness
? ???? Costs less than whitening strips
? 1 tube lasts a couple of months
? Remineralizes teeth
? Money - back guarantee

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